XBW - Lithium Batteries

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XBW was founded in Italy in and has more than 10 Years of experience in the world of lithium batteries, matured working in close contact with its customers in a variety of different applications.

XBW designs and manufactures lithium batteries for the world of industry and light electric vehicles and the XBW development team is always ready and willing to help the customer achieve the goal, supporting him with his own experience and technical knowledge

Experience the advantage of working with a young and dynamic company, attentive to customer needs and always ready to offer the perfect solution for every application

XBW offers "turnkey solutions" of lithium batteries equipped with our proprietary BMS
Lithium batteries from
5Ah to 1000Ah and beyond with standard working voltage 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V, 80V, 96V and up to 800V

Lithium Battery Manufacturer since 2006

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