XBW - Lithium Batteries

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XBW guarantees to the Customer the achievement of the required quality and reliability objectives, through an effective development and production method:

  • Customer application analysis
  • Definition of specific objectives
  • Choice of the most competitive lithium technology among a qualified group of suppliers selected over the years
  • Definition of effective control logics
  • Attention to detail
  • Creation of functional prototypes for tests
  • Availability to carry out certifications
  • Use of BMS designed (Hw and FW) internally by XBW and produced in over 6500 pieces, with high reliability
  • BMS test: electric and functional
  • BATTERY test: electrical performance tested on 100% of production
  • Training of the Customer's staff for a precise knowledge of the product

XBW is the right partner if you are looking for a reliable and responsive supplier for your needs

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